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Trial Practice and… | New Attorney Training
Sending the Right Message to the Jury: Communicating Persuasively During Voir Dire and Trial (Book Only)
Price: $69.00
Product №:04940-BK
Book №: 04940-BK
Publish Date:  7/1/2007
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As trial lawyers know, the greatest challenge at a trial is communicating the right message to the right jury.  This book presents an overview of the challenges of communicating with a jury and ways to overcome their biases and blocks. You will learn how to select the most favorable jury, how to communicate with the jury during opening, and how to work with witnesses to increase their jury appeal. 

Summary of Contents:
Opening Minds:  Keys to Effective Defense Openings in Civil Cases | Jury Psychology at Trial | Jury Psychology at Jury Selection | The Cutting Edge:  The Challenges of Trial Team Diversity | What You and Your CEO Donít Know:  Video Deposition Traps That Can Hurt Your Case | Sending the Right Message to the Jury 
Number of Pages:  100
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