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Electronic Document
Electronic Document
Committing to Mediation: Enriched Resolution of Medical Malpractice Actions for Patients, Doctors, and Insurance Companies
Price: $29.00
E-Pub №:EP 3751
File Size:126 KB
Publish Date:  8/4/2009
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The authors advocate the use of mediation as the preferred method for resolving complaints arising from adverse medical events. The article states that insurers' and doctors' use of a pre-treatment commitment to mediation, rather than binding arbitration, holds far more potential for medical malpractice stakeholders to control dispute-based costs, avoid frivolous litigation, and resolve controversies that better satisfy all parties involved.

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Lee Alan Rosengard, Esq., Stradley, Ronan, Stevens & Young, L.L.P., Philadelphia
Marissa Parker, Esq., Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP, Philadelphia

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icon_acrobatCommitting to Mediation: Enriched Resolution of Medical Malpractice Actions for Patients, Doctors, and Insurance Companies (18 Pages, 126 KB)

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