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User Feedback
Violence against Animals/Violence against Humans--Examining the LinkBack to top
 "great topic--very good panel" Susan (New Castle, PA)

Dog Bite Mock TrialBack to top
 "really liked the idea of the mock trial - much more interesting than simply presenting the material" Lisa (Philadelphia, PA)

“Can a Single Masterpiece Sustain a Lawyer’s Lifetime?” and Other Questions that Cross a Lawyer’s WayBack to top
 "A very bright and wise gentleman. Very good job." Philip W. (Stroudsburg, PA)
 "Very enjoyable. Use of materials and stories held strong interest." Walter (Fairfax, VA)
 "Making a difference in someone's client life...leaving them better than when you 1st met them...that should be our goal" H Fred (Pittsburgh, PA)
 "Very interesting and unique CLE. I enjoyed the presentation." Eric (York, PA)
 "A rare, inspirational CLE. Just excellent." David (Washington, DC)
 "I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation." Christian (Pittsburgh, PA)
 "Fantastic speaker and thinker!" Matthew (Silver Spring, MD)
 "Kudos to Professor Lee. I thoroughly enjoyed the talk. There are not enough of us in the profession who not only espouse, but talk about, these views. Love is the key to life." John (Abington, PA)
 "I forgot how much I enjoyed Randy's Torts class, great job Randy" Michael (Hamlin, PA)
 "Inspiring." Steven (Sewickley, PA)
 "Professor Lee's stories were entertaining and gently weaved in the ethics. Thank you." Betty (Philadelphia, PA)
 "I keep returning to the online courses of Randy Lee, because -- better than anyone else I've heard -- he inspires me to try to make being a lawyer worthwhile, meaningful, and even loving. Who would have thought that?" Christopher (Cranberry Twp, PA)
 "Always happy to see Randy Lee as a presenter, and this one was a gem. Thank you!" Nancy (Lynchburg, VA)
 "Very good illustrations through story telling." Patricia (Pittsburgh, PA)

Serving Those Who Serve: LAMP, Veteran Courts and MoreBack to top
 "This was very interesting and informative especially regarding veterans court and what goes on there." CAMILLE (SEWELL, NJ)

“Can a Single Masterpiece Sustain a Lawyer’s Lifetime?” and Other Questions that Cross a Lawyer’s WayBack to top
 "I constantly am excited about practicing law, after 26 years. This speaker's comments help me reflect on why I feel this way." Stephen (Norristown, PA)

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