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User Feedback
Dealing with a Crazy ClientBack to top
 "Very interesting. Very informative. Talented presenters." Charles (Mohnton, PA)

Custody: A Year's Experience (April 2012)Back to top
 "Thought the program well planned and organized." David (Carlisle, PA)

Dealing with a Crazy ClientBack to top
 "Good panel, common issue, would like to see more of this type of CLE." Peter (Reading, PA)

10 Hot Tips for Child Advocates in 60 MinutesBack to top
 "Interesting online seminar." Jacob (Margate, NJ)

Dealing with a Crazy ClientBack to top
 "I found this to be very helpful. They gave good information about personality disorders while appropriately cautioning us against diagnosing. Great discussion or how to help these clients both effectively and ethically. I will take a lot from this!" Caren (Boalsburg, PA)
 "The client vignettes were informative and entertaining." Susan (Metuchen, NJ)

Custody: A Year's Experience (April 2012)Back to top
 "Faculty Excellant" THOMAS (HAZLE TOWNSHIP, PA)

Dealing with a Crazy ClientBack to top
 "Very interesting topic. The information provided is very useful and should be updated and incorporated into other CLE programs. " Stephen (Media, PA)
 "This was a very interesting and practical presentation. The use of vignettes was a welcome change and most appropriate for this topic." Michele (Smethport, PA)
 "I thought that this was a very thought provoking program. Since my primary practice is family law, I have experienced the types of clients and experiences portrayed in the vignettes. The discussion was quite helpful in defining what and why the clients and experiences were as they were. I truly appreciated Dr. Cohen's comment that self care is important and that life is short. All in all an excellent program." Laurel (Indiana, PA)
 "I felt the vignettes and discussion in this program were extremely helpful and enlightening. This program dealt with what are the more complicated aspects of practice which are not taught in law school -- the human aspect. The different scenarios were very well done and also very relevant. I would like to to see more of this type of CLE offered in the future." Kathleen (Fairview, PA)

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