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Criminal Law
The Law of Arrest, Search, and Seizure in Pennsylvania, Seventh Edition (Includes CD-ROM)
Price: $79.00
Product №:07541-BK
Book №: 07541-BK
Publish Date:  1/1/2013
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Search and seizure is one of the hottest areas of criminal law.  David Rudovsky’s comprehensive resource will help you stay on top of the issues that confront your clients.  This book includes a comprehensive review of federal and state constitutional issues involving search warrants and warrantless searches, a discussion of the impact on practice and jurisprudence post-9/11, and an update on how digital technology impacts one’s Fourth Amendment rights, including an examination of GPS tracking devices, digital storage, and seizures of laptops and hard drives.

  1. Introduction
  2. Procedure
  3. Judicial Construction of the Fourth Amendment and Article I, Section 8, of the Pennsylvania Constitution
  4. The Exclusionary Rule
  5. Probable Cause
  6. Search Warrants
  7. Consent Searches and Seizures
  8. Plain-View Seizures
  9. Searches Incident to Arrest
  10. Car Searches
  11. Investigative Detentions
  12. Regulatory, Administrative, and Special‑Needs Searches
Table of Cases

Page Count: 182

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Prof. David  Rudovsky, Kairys, Rudovsky, Messing & Feinberg, LLP, Philadelphia

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