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Frequently Asked Questions
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Online Seminar
Q. What are the recommended/minimum system requirements for viewing online seminars?
Q. How do I log into my account and start my seminar?
Q. How do I restart the seminar if I stop it or get disconnected?
Q. I am getting an error referencing a "codec".
Q. I am working in a virtual environment (e.g. CITRIX) and do not hear any sound on my seminar.
Q. I just finished watching an online seminar, but I get an error saying that I have not completed all the segments.
Q. I'm getting an 'Invalid socket error' when I try to launch a seminar on my Mac using RealPlayer.
Q. What is an online seminar?
Q. Illustrated Guide: "How to Delete the Temporary Internet Files in Internet Explorer 7"
Q. Why does my video stop every 10-15 minutes and go back?
Q. Illustrated Guide: "Downloading and Installing the ACELP (Audio) Codec"
Q. Illustrated Guide: "Finding What Version of Windows Media Player the Viewer is Using"
Q. Illustrated Guide: "How to Set My Internet Security Settings to Allow Unassigned ActiveX Controls"
Q. Illustrated Guide: "Optimizing Your Streaming Video/Audio Experience and Stopping the Buffering"
Q. Illustrated Guide: "Turning up the Volume on Your PC"
Q. Illustrated Guide: "Deleting How to Delete the Temporary Internet Files in Internet Explorer 6"
Q. Illustrated Guide: "Finding What Version of Windows Media Player Your Computer is Using, and Upgrading to the Latest Version"
Q. Illustrated Guide: How to Delete Temporary Internet Files in the Firefox Web Browser
Q. Can I receive credit for online seminars in multiple states?
Q. How do I clear my "Temporary Internet Files"?
Q. How do I create multiple accounts?
Q. I am having difficultly playing the seminar on Windows 98.
Q. I am having trouble with the audio.
Q. I completed an online course but my credits have not been reported.
Q. I have a G4 Macintosh computer running Windows Media Player and Real Player, both of which are working fine. Can I view these online seminars with my system?
Q. My Internet security setting will not let a new codec be installed.
Q. No combination of filters could be found to render the stream.
Q. What is Multi-User Registration?
Q. When I click on the "Launch Seminar" button, nothing happens. What should I do?
Q. When I try to open the materials it does one of the following: - nothing - gives an error - the document appears garbled.
Q. Why is the seminar blurry?
Q. Windows Media Player buffers in the middle of a video and/or the video seems really choppy.
MP3 Download / CEtoGo / Podcast
Q. How do I transfer a CLEtoGo\CEtoGo\Podcast to my iPod / MP3 Player?
Q. I clicked on the [Download] button for my CLEtoGo\CEtoGo\Podcast and nothing happens.
Q. I downloaded my CLEtoGo\CEtoGo\Podcast seminar and now I can’t find it.
Q. My CLEtoGo\CetoGo\Podcast gets cut off in the middle of the seminar.
Q. The CLEtoGo\CEtoGo\Podcast I purchased is several hours long, how do I burn it to a cd?
Q. What is a CLEtoGo\CEtoGo\Podcast Seminar? What do I need to view one?
Telephone / Tele-Web / Webinar
Q. How do I connect to the web presentation part of my Web Seminar?
Q. I never received an email confirmation or my Dial-in Number/PIN.
Q. The program materials are posted, but when I click on the link in my email, it says “No Materials Available”.
Q. When I click on the link in my email that says “Click here to access your user account”, it opens a page with nothing under My Items.
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