John Hiatt, General Counsel
AFL-CIO, Washington, D.C.

Mr. Hiatt is the General Counsel of the AFL-CIO. He was appointed to theposition on Nov. 1 1995, by the Federationís then newly-elected President, John J.Sweeney. Previously, Mr. Hiatt served for eight years as the General Counsel of theService Employees International Union, based in Washington, D.C., where he directedthe unionís legal department. Before that, he was a partner in a union-side labor lawfirm in Boston, Massachussetts, Angoff, Goldman, Manning, Pyle, Wanger and Hiatt.He joined the firm in 1974, after graduating from Boalt Hall School of Law (University ofCalifornia at Berkeley) and Harvard College. Mr. Hiatt serves as the Executive Directorof the AFL-CIOís National Lawyers Coordinating Committee, and sits on the Board ofDirectors of the National Employment Law Project, the American ArbitrationAssociation, the Appleseed foundation, as well as on the D.C. Employment JusticeCenter and Peggy Browning Fund Advisory Boards.