William Whitfield
Labor Law Help

Mr. Whitfield is a retired official of the US Department of Labor and an expert on numerous Federal and Arizona labor and employment laws. His specialty is advising business owners on avoiding and mitigating Federal and Arizona Wage and Hour and Employment law compliance problems. Mr. Whitfield is also a trained mediator specializing in mediation of workplace disputes. A proficient lecturer and teacher Mr. Whitfield holds a Teaching Certificate (Regular A.1.b), for Arizona Community Colleges, issued by the State of Arizona with areas of expertise in Business and Public Administration/Management. He has for many years made public speaking appearances to teach employers how to comply with labor and employment laws. Through his firm, aptly named Labor Law Help, Mr. Whitfield serves a client base made up of local and multi-state employers, human resource consulting firms, school districts, municipalities and law firms specializing in labor law. Bill may be reached at 480-413-2062, williamwhitfield@laborlawhelp.biz.