Professor Neal Katyal
Georgetown Law School

PROF. NEAL KATYAL , a Professor at Georgetown University Law School, recently won Hamdan v. Rumsfeld in the United States Supreme Court, a case that challenged the policy of military trials at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, Cuba. The Supreme Court sided with him by a 5-3 vote, finding that President Bush's tribunals violated the constitutional separation of powers, domestic military law, and international law. As former Solicitor General and Duke law professor Walter Dellinger put it "Hamdan is simply the most important decision on presidential power and the rule of law ever. Ever." An expert in matters of constitutional law, particularly the role of the President and Congress in time of war and theories of constitutional interpretation, Prof. Katyal has embraced his theoretical work as the platform for practical consequences in the federal courts. Prof. Katyal previously served as National Security Adviser in the U.S. Justice Department and was commissioned by President Clinton to write a report on the need for more legal pro bono work. He also served as Vice President Al Gore's co-counsel in the Supreme Court election dispute of 2000, and represented the Deans of most major private law schools in the landmark University of Michigan affirmative-action case Grutter v. Bollinger (2003). Katyal clerked for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer as well as Judge Guido Calabresi of the U.S. Court of Appeals. He attended Dartmouth College and Yale Law School. His Articles have appeared in virtually every major law review and newspaper in America. Prof. Katyal was named Lawyer of the Year in 2006 by Lawyers USA, Runner-Up for Lawyer of the Year 2006 by National Law Journal, one of the top 50 litigators nationwide 45 years old or younger by American Lawyer (2007), and one of 10 Non-Resident Indian Achievers Worldwide by Hindustan Times. He has also been awarded the Town of Salem, Massachusetts Prize (2007); the ACLU Foundationís Roger Baldwin Award (2007), and the 2004 National Law Journal pro bono award for his work. Prof. Katyal has appeared on every major American nightly news program, as well as in other venues, such as the Colbert Report.