Julia Smock
Assistant Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General

Julia Smock (B.A., University of Cincinnati 1973; J.D., Indiana University1976) is an Assistant Attorney General, a position she has held since 1980.From 1980-1987, Julia was in the Licensing and Enforcement Section of the CivilDivision. She represented a variety of licensing agencies including theDepartment of Liquor Licenses and Control, the Agriculture and HorticultureCommission, the State Chemist, and the Board of Pesticide Control as well asthe Pharmacy, Naturopathy, Chiropractic and Podiatry Boards. Julia currently isassigned to the Child Support Enforcement Section of the Child and FamilyProtection Division. She has handled child support cases for the last 19 years.Her practice has included significant responsibility for interstate cases, includinghaving been the Managing Attorney for the Statewide Services Region from 1994to 1996, serving as a member of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act(UIFSA) Implementation Team in 1996 and 1997 and providing UIFSA trainingfor Attorney General and DCSE staff members. Julia received the DistinguishedService Award from the Arizona Family Support Council in 2004. Julia has beena member of the Attorney General's Open Meeting Law Enforcement Team since1983. She is a member of the faculty of Arizona Government University whereshe teaches a quarterly Open Meeting Law class for state employees. She hasmade Open Meeting Law presentations to many state and local boards andcommissions, as well as to attorneys, school board members, the Governor'sPolicy Advisors and the Governor's Board and Commission members. Juliaserved as a member of the Peoria Unified School District Governing Board from1989 through 2000. She also served as President of the Arizona School BoardsAssociation in 1996. Julia received a Commendation for Distinguished Servicefrom the National School Boards Association in 1997. Julia also received awardsof merit from both the Arizona School Public Relations Association and theArizona Alliance of Arts Education and was named a member of the All-ArizonaSchool Board in 1995.