Hon. Kevin M.  Dougherty
Administrative Judge, Family Court Division
Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia

Judge Dougherty is the administrative judge of the Philadelphia Family Court. He was appointed by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania on December 31, 2005. In his capacity, Judge Dougherty oversees both the Juvenile Branch and the Domestic Relations Branch of Family Court. The Juvenile Branch includes delinquency and dependency, Juvenile Probation, and the Youth Study Center. The Domestic Relations Branch includes Custody, Support, Divorce, and Protection from Abuse/Domestic Violence Units. Judge Dougherty has presided in Family Court since being appointed in 2001. He served as supervising judge of Philadelphia Family Court, Juvenile Division, from 2003 to 2005. Prior to being elected judge, he served as an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia County, as partner of his own law firm, and as a special master to the Philadelphia Family Court Truancy Program. Judge Dougherty was appointed in 2003 to the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission by Governor Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania and currently serves as vice chair of the commission. Judge Dougherty was appointed by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to the Domestic Relations Procedural Rules Committee in 2003. In 2007, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania appointed Judge Dougherty to the Pennsylvania Children’s Roundtable Philadelphia Committee, Bench Book Committee on Dependency Matters, and the Child and Family Service Review Committee. The judge was appointed, by then City of Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street, as a member of the Children’s Commission of Distinguished Leaders in Philadelphia, as well as member and co-chair of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Children’s Behavioral Health, and the Philadelphia Education Advisory Task Force. Most recently, Judge Dougherty was appointed, by the City of Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter, to the College and Career Success Committee, City Wide Safety Cabinet—School Safety Advisory Committee. In October 2010, Arlene C. Ackerman, Ed.D., School District of Philadelphia, and the Honorable Michael Nutter, Mayor, City of Philadelphia, created a blue-ribbon commission to explore issues of youth violence and invited Administrative Judge Dougherty to serve on this commission and to provide leadership in exploring the complex issues of youth violence in Philadelphia. Judge Dougherty was appointed a member of the Juvenile Court Rules Committee for three years by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, April 2011. In May 2011, the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges nominated Judge Dougherty to serve as Secretary to the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges for the 2011–2012 term.